Hello, I'm living with my family in Sachsen our case it's in the court of appeal because it was denied but we get a transfer a month ago and I have an Aufenthaltsgestattung, I'm allowed to work and move freely for the all german territory. I have a job offer with an unlimited contract in another state (Baden-Wüttemberg), I want to stop receiving state benefits to move there and live of my salary, may I be allowed to moved?

Another question, can I get a residence with an unlimited employment contract?
asked Jun 15, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Faga0206

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you can try to make an application for moving to another Bundesland in your Ausländerbehörde, giving them an unlimited job offer. They normally send your application to the place in Baden-Württemberg, where you are going to live, the Ausländerbehörde there must give their agreement. Mostly it is really difficult but such moving is not generally prohibited by the law. It can be very important that the company which gives you this job offer, speaks to their Ausländerbehörde and tries to persuade them to give an agreement. And you ask your Ausländerbehörde to send the application quickly, because sometimes they just don't do it soon enough. Naturally if your whole family doesn't need benefits with this job, it is an important argument which I would stress. It is also important to find a living place, if you already have such an offer, I would also explain this. I would make everything in a written form and ask for official decision, in this case the Ausländerbehörde must give you reasons for rejection, so they take it more seriously.

The unlimited job contract itself doesn't give you a direct possibility to get a residence permit in Germany in case of an asylum rejection. But it can definitely open you some perspective. What kind of perspective, would depend on many factors like for example the time of your coming to Germany and registring your asylum application, the longitude of your living in Germany, other integration points of you and your family etc. Therefore in case of asylum rejection you will need a very good individual councelling for clearing your perspective. Or, much better, you can speak to your lawyer about it if you have one, or you find a good councelling center for refugees, which can analyse your whole situation.
answered Jun 16, 2020 by Alla_fka
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