Hello there. I am from Myanmar and I want to seek asylum in Germany due to political persecution. I am highly qualified person with several degree in science background & diploma in social studies. In order to get to my question I will not mention the history of what had happened but I have to leave very soon and I would like to know what are the first step I’ve to take once I reach in Germany and which state is better for me as I am a single female with Fluency in English and know basic German. I hear that some states have longer waiting time or lower approval rate. As I am a qualified person with a bachelor degree from UK I can definitely make contribution rather than just being a burden to the government. I’m seriously facing life & death issues and only why I’m wanting to seek asylum. Please help me and guide me. I really appreciate it. Thank u
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Dear @Khinsann

It is true that different federal states will have different processing times for asylum applications. This, however, is a dynamic situation and so I cannot unfortunately give you a clear indication such as ‚asylum applications in Bavaria are processed the quickest‘. As far as I am aware, there is not a particular state with very fast or very slow processing times. There are also different factors that may cause an asylum application to take very long, for example if a person’s application is rejected and they appeal the decision in court. There should not be too much variation in the initial processing, interview and decision time.

You do not have much influence over where your case will be processed. The authorities distribute asylum seekers throughout the country depending on capacity. Here you can read about how this is done:


In addition, the asylum applications of certain nationlities are only processed in certain states. According to that, citizens of Myanmar who apply for asylum currently have their applications processed in the states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westfalia and Saxony. Here you can see the table of which nationalities are processed in which states:


I do not have any statistics on deicsion-making on asylum applications on a state-by-state basis. Here you can **** at the national statistics on asylum applications from 2022, published by the relevant authority BAMF. On page 5 you can see the number of applications from Myanmar and how they were decided upon:




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