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My citizenship/country is Not on the "safe list" of countries, but would be regarded by many as "safe".

Aside from my own history of events, what supportive documentation should I seek and be able to present to demonstrate the general oppression and tyranny of the state/government.


asked 5 days ago in Legal advice by Rüdiger (110 points)

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Dear @Rüdiger, thank you for your question in the community. As for your questions: 1. for an asykum case and refugee case its your personal life and the danger you personally facing considered; 2. but under some circumstances such as war, and public tyranny will be applied in order for you to get temporary protection; 3. however anything that you will be addressing have to effecting your life and be a danger to it. I hope we could address your questions, if further questions arise please do not hesitate to contact us in the community. Best regards, Nilab
answered 4 days ago by Nilab (18,580 points)
Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I perhaps should have mentioned that I am not seeking asylum as a refugee, but would rather be seeking Constitution asylum, most likely in France, since that is the country which actually has codified it in it's own Constitution. Germany and Italy remain the two other countries which, historically, have recognized this kind of application for patriots defending their own Constitutional rights.
I am a citizen of the United States.
My understanding is that the first legal hurtle would be establish that the causeof my circumstances is an abrogation of a basic Constitutional right [in this case, property] which is being systematically and universally applied. Actually, before I can begin to argue my own unique defense, and the history of events as a direct consequence, this universal injustice [tyranny of judiciary process and action/not warfare] has to be established.
My application will be dismissed outright if I'm regarded as coming from a "safe country", and I am really seeking to avoid an appeals process from the beginning.
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