What is the new aufenthalts titel 16g.
When, how and who can apply for it.
Kindly elaborate the requirements.
asked Oct 23, 2023 in Legal advice by Ny | 806 views

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Dear @Ny,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

Yes, you are right. The government agreed on an new law which will replace the so-called "Ausbildungsduldung" (according to section 60c of the German Residence Act and which is not a residence permit - only a toleration; for the conditions you may check Handbook Germany, for instance) with a residence permit (according to then section 16g of the German Residence Act) to this end. However, if I am informed correctly, it will not be implemented before March 2024. Everyone who holds an "Ausbildungsduldung" already will then "switch" to the new residence permit. What I read so far (here at the GGUA website, for instance) is that the conditions for new applicants are similar to those of the "Ausbildungsduldung" with some disadvantages/difficulties as well. The existing rule says that you may receive additional asylum seekers money or Bafög (student loan) if your income during the vocational training is not sufficient. The current government plans say that your vocational training income must be enough to cover your costs of living - applicants wouldn't be allwowed to receive additional allowances (incl. Bafög).

However, we still need to be a bit more patient to know all the details and the exact implemenation - we will surely inform at Wefugees as soon as we have reliable information.

I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Oct 29, 2023 by Meike
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Hi Meike,
Thanks for your reply. I wanted to know if we need to apply for this residence permit or we get it directly. Or do we need to visit auslanderbehorde first.
Is there any update on how it is going to take place
answered Feb 2 by Ny
No we need to apply to the AbH. Nothing happens there by itself.
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I would like to know how far with section 16g?can we apply by first march
answered Feb 6 by Ulemu
The law is still not drafted. I think they are still working on it.
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