I have obtained a residence permit under 25 abs. 1. and a Blue passport also issued at the same time. I’m a stateless person and I have got two country restricted in my Blue Passport where I can’t travel. Recently I have applied for Permanent Residence Permit and waiting for the decision from Aulsanderbehörde. Now my question is, if my niederlassungserlaubnis get approved, shall I get a new blue passport and the country restriction will be lifted or the country ban will stay till I get German Passport? When and how the country restriction will be lifted from my blue passport?

An expert opinion will be really so nice and helpful for me. Thanks in advance. Regards

asked Sep 18, 2023 in Legal advice by Amayta | 531 views

Dear @Amayta

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question. Actually I never came across a blue passport which lists travel restrictions for certain countries. Can you maybe explain a bit more details? Is it that you have a re-entry ban for an European country (even though I thought that an entry-ban usually applies for the whole Schengen area)?

Looking forward to your reply. 



Dear Meike,
Thanks a lot for your response. As I mentioned that I’m a stateless person and currently holding a blue convention passport with 3 years validity which is issued by Ausländerbehörde. I have got accepted for Asylum and refugee both. I have no ban for EU, I only have ban for the country where I born and raised up without any nationality or birth certificate. The country where I born and raised, they reject to recognize me as their citizen. That’s why I have got ban for that county. But I would like to visit my country because I want to show my kids the culture and the country where i grown up. It’s currently not possible because of the ban. I already applied for Niederlassungserlaubnis.
Now I would like to know, after getting the Niederlassungserlaubnis, is there any possibility that they will erase country ban from my Blue convention pass or I have to wait till I get German passport to visit my country?
I hope you are more clear about my topic now.
Looking forward for your response.

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