My lawyer wrote Ausländerbehörde and asked for paragraph 25b on our behalf.  I came to Germany in March 3rd, 2019, with my wife and two children and we had two more children here. I wrote B1 exam at Euroschule and made B1 in all teil except Mündlich. I repeated the exam again few days ago but awaiting the result of the exam. Now, the request from my lawyer to Ausländerbehörde has been out as they asked me and my wife to provide three months payment slip, our international passports, my first child's school result. Now, we have all the requirements except the three months job pay slip because they never allowed us to work but I was surprised to see the Job payment slip as one of the requirements. My wife has a baby, that was one of the things that made them to decline her from working in Woolworth. We are not in a hurry to get a job and beg them to give us the permission to work. Unfortunately, some employers don't want to give us Job because of the duldung and lack of permission to work that have been written on our Ausweis.  My question is ; Will the Ausländerbehörde wait for us to get the Job and thereafter, accept the three months pay slip to allow them give us the Aufenthaltserlaubnis according to paragraph 25b?
asked Aug 27, 2023 in Other Questions by paulo1976 | 629 views

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Hi @paulo1976

The Ausländerbehörde generally give an applicant some time to fulfil any missing requirements. In your case, you have to show that you are able to support yourself as a family at least 50% through work. This is a central requirement for 25b that you can read here in the relevant paragraph of the Aufenthaltsgesetz (here via online translation):




answered Sep 4, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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