My friend has been in Germany for 7 years with valid resident permit, duldung for 2 years then 25B for another 2years now, can he apply for einbürgerung?
Does the period before duldung count?

He has a german degree, works in IT with good salary,B1 telc.
asked Jun 15, 2023 in Legal advice by future11 | 352 views

Dear @future11,

Thank you for your question. That sounds quite complicated to me. I know that there is a chance to "count" the time a person was holding a residence permit before leaving Germany for a while (and returning) regarding the required duration of stay for the naturalization. I am not sure about the interruption of the "continous legal residence" due to a Duldung and I am not too optimistic about it.

I will link my dear colleague @mbeon-fardeen here - I hope he can help.

However, to fully understand your case it will be important to know the type of residence you were holding before the Duldung was issued. Please also note that the government is currently planning to reform the law. So you may be able to apply for the citizenship earlier after (and if) they implemented the new regulations - even if the time only starts to count since the issuing of the residence according to 25b. We will keep you updated on this platform about the developments.

All the best,


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