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@lewaa hello, is it a must to have leben in Deutschland certificate before paragraph 25B is grant to someone? I have all other documents but i don't have leben in Deutschland certificate..
answered May 3, 2023 by felise
hi it is a lot of defernts lows tayps wich i understand nothing of it sorry but in my case ...yes. they call it bleibe rechts mean in english the right to stay.but please do not depend on what i said you need other information scourse  than mine
@lewaa so not having leben in deutschland certificate won't grant one 25B right, if he fulfil all other things?
@lewaa before they grant you the paragraph 25B, after submitting leben in deutschland and all document to ausländerbehörde, did ausländerbehörde told you to do the Freiheitlich Demokratie Grundordnung test with them?
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