If I have 3 year ausbildung as Hotelfach can I register for master degree after having 2 year experience? If possible how to apply? Before ausbildung passed OL and AL's 13 grade school.
asked Apr 29, 2023 in Education by Coop | 167 views

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Dear @Coop,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

I tried to make some research. In general, it seems to be possible to register for some specific master programs without a bachelors degree. The usual requirements appear to be a completed vocational training (Ausbildung), a university entrance qualification (like the German "Abitur"), profound job experience (I am not sure if 2 years will be sufficient) and in the best case also some leadership experience. I read that entrance exams may be carried out as well.

What exactly is OL and AL? Do you know already which master program you want to apply for?

This would help me to make some more tailored research.

All the best,


answered May 7, 2023 by Meike
Thank you for reply. With Hotelfachmann Ausbildung. Hospitality or Travel related masters degree.OL- Ordinary level UK system grade 11 exam. AL- Advance level grade 13 UK system
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