Hello,i have some worries about my residence permit or work permit. Last month i went to renew my duldun, i was told i will be granted a residence permit according to article 25 ab 5.i was also asked to provide a list of documents of my wife wish i did.Note i am married to my wife and we a kid.This evening i just received received the list of the documents of my wife which submitted before as requested by the lady.In the letter, it says that she has examined and has made a request to the relevant security authorities, that she will be waiting for their reply a d if by the 22nd of March she has not updated me again, i should send her an email. Here i am worried because i don't know what it means
asked Feb 4, 2023 in Legal advice by Pepsi NT | 505 views
Dear Pepsi NT, Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. I think you should not worry too much - especially if you never had an issue with the police. But I will link two of my dear colleagues here as well. Maybe @mbeon-fardeen or @mbeon-Christine can say more about this procedure. Please also don't hesitate to give us an update in the meantime! All the best, Meike

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