Good morning everyone,  please I was issued a one year deportation ban resident permit, I have worked with it for one yrar since it was issued to me, iwant to renew it now, my question is, can I move to another federal state and start a new life by getting a house and a work over there, will my city allow me to move out from my region to a different federal state, for example,  I leave in Bayern and I like to move to westfallen. Please and urgent reply is needed.
Thanks everyone.
asked Jan 14 in Legal advice by Kings | 38 views

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Hello dear @Kings,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugee Community.

If you find a work at least for 15 hours per week in the other city or state, you pay taxes and your average monthly requirements are covered with this income, it is possible to change your city or state. In addition, based on your employment contract, you should at least continue to work for 3 months.

In fact, when you send your employment contract to the Foreigners' Office, this Office checks if you really want to work for a long period of time or the purpose of your work is to just change your city or state. That is why, if your employment contract is for a work, which continues for more than 3 months, it is usually enough for a positive decision of the Foreigners' Office, concerning your application to change your city or state. In this case, this should also be enough for your spouse and your minor children to change their city or state together with you. After you change your city or state, if you lose your job in the new city or state before completing the 3 months of working there, your residence will be restricted to this new city or state, where you live.

I hope, I could have answered your question. I am a MBEON consultant. If you wish to contact me directly, you can have a **** at my profile and follow the instructions there.

Best wishes

Fardeen Noori

answered Jan 24 by mbeon-fardeen
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