In 2016 I moved from Pakistan to Germany lived there till 2020, got asylum in Germany but it was rejected.in my four years living in Germany I completed my 2 years Nursing Diploma (Ausbildung) from Beruf Schule(pflegefachmann and betreuer). I got deportation order, police came to my house to detain me and after that deport me to Pakistan. But luckily I was not at home that time. So I left Germany and moved to France applied again asylum here in France and got Refugee Status. Got 10 years resident card. So it's very tough for me to learn another European Language, other than Deutsch. So I want to go back to Germany and Work there. Is it possible to live there and work as an European residence holder. As I have My Ausbildung and language certificates from Germany. And I'm very fluent in German speaking.
asked Dec 27, 2022 in Work by Billa | 195 views

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Dear @Billa,

It's certainly possible for you to apply for a visa as person with a qualification from Germany and as far as I know, job prospects as quite good for people with your particular skills. You can apply for a visa from the German Embassy in Paris either as a person who has a job offer already, or for the job-seeker's visa. For the job-seeker's visa, you'll have to show you can financially support yourself in Germany until you find a job.

Here's the information about the visa for someone with a job offer:


And here about the job-seeker's visa:


The main issue in your situation is as to whether you still have a record of someone with a deportation order in Germany and if you have a re-entry ban. It is very important to clarify this before making any visa application. The visa application will contain questions about any previous stays in Germany and you need to be able to epxlain what happened before. Ultimately you left Germany voluntarily but without informing them so it may just be best to inform the German authorities before making a visa application. Furthermore, depending on what you told the French authorities when you applied for asylum there, it could also cause issues with your current refugee status there as you applied in France after having already been rejected by the EU country that was responsible for you.

Deportation orders and subsequent re-entry when there is potentially a re-entry ban is not my area of expertise. I recommend you contact one of the refugee councils for more specific advice about this question, perhaps ideally in the federal state you were in. Here is the overview of all of them throughout Germany:





answered Jan 9, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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