I am 2 months at the camp and in my auswise written that not allow to work. can i still request to work outside. where do i need to go Auslander or the information center at the camp. also my first and second Interview is not yet coming .
also i might need a lawyer for my case and cant afford it.i was thinking to work and save money for lawyer etc.
since there is written that i Cant go to another district and there is someone will give me a job in another district. the job Owner tell me to get permit from Auslander or whatever it is. he want me to ask about Auslander.
asked Nov 11, 2022 in Work by Unknown | 152 views

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Dear @Eric,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

Handbook Germany explain very well if and when asylum seekers are allowed to work:

If you have an “Aufenthaltsgestattung”, i.e. a proof of arrival ("Ankunftsnachweis") or a "Duldung", your access to the labour market will remain limited. Self-employment is in principle not allowed and to work as an employee, you must first apply for a work permit at your immigration office ("Ausländerbehörde").

Asylum seekers can obtain a work permit if they have been in Germany for 3 months and are no longer obliged to live in an initial reception facility. If you still have to live in an initial reception centre, in case you have underage children, you can obtain a work permit after 6 months- and if you don't have children, after 9 months.  Rejected asylum seekers whose application have been rejected due to Dublin Agreement, i.e.  other EU countries are responsible for their case AND those who come from a safe country of origin and have applied for asylum after August 31, 2015, cannot obtain work permits.

Unfortunately, it can take a bit time until you get the invitation for the interview(s). I recommend you to contact a refugee counselling office ("Flüchtlingsberatung" or even better (if available) "Asylverfahrensberatung") to get support in the preparation for the interview in the meantime - very important! They can also advise you regarding your potential job offer and your opportunities. 

Please let us know if you need help finding such an office close-by - just share your approximate location with us.

I hope this helps and don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Nov 13, 2022 by Meike
Thanks so much for your answer and its help me alot..is there any office close by near Düren....i found one in Jülich which is close to me.
and i am single man.
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