Good evening wefugees. I just got a new job in another city and it’s unbefristet contract. I am currently using a 6months Auswies. Is it possible to get a transfer to the place where I got the new job? I already have a place to stay while working. Thanks
asked Oct 31 in Legal advice by Frankygal
@Frankygal is it possible to get unbefristet contract if someone apply for a new job without working 1 to 2 years first with them ? It is strange, never heard of it... I thought u got to work first year, another 1 year before permanent work... u are lucky
I guess I am one of the lucky once out there. I just got a new contract and after the six month probation I will get my unbefristet. It can only be God. Thanks

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Hello Frankygal and welcome to Wefugees. 
I would like to refer you with this question to a similar question on our platform, which has already been answered. 

Feel free to let me know if we could help you with it.

With best regards 

answered Nov 2 by Saskia Wefugees
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