Hello every one

i have a concern i would like to seek an answer or opinion.

I am an asylum seeker the age of 26 and i have been in Germany more than three years,  however i did not obtain a school here but i have graduated  a high school from my country and i have B1 German language and I have worked and was self-reliant for the last three years. Can I be considered an integrated person  under the age of twenty-seven?
asked Oct 19 in Asylum proceedings by ali abdi

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Hi @ali abdi,

I’m not sure which rule you are referring to. There is a section of the immigration law which applies to well-integrated young people. However, the age limit to get this permit is 21.

Here’s the section of the law:




answered Oct 26 by mbeon-Éanna
Hi dear Éanna

yes, i am referring to that law
the age limit now is 21, however it will go up until 27.
I do not fulfil the study requirement, since i was older than 21 when i get to Germany, but i have been working since then. Can this be taken into account instead of studying?
do i  have a chance under this section and its new Update one?

Sincerely yours
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