Recently I've got a one year residence permit in accordance with 25B ABS.1 S.1 of German Residence Act.

Can you please check the following quoted paragraph from Section 29 of German Residence Act. Does it mean that a residence permit holder through 25B ABS.1 S.1 can bring his wife in Germany?

"(3) The temporary residence permit may only be granted to the spouse and the minor child of a foreigner who possesses a temporary residence permit in accordance with sections 22, 23 (1) or (2) or section 25 (3) or (4a) sentence 1, section 25a (1) or section 25b (1) for reasons of international law, on humanitarian grounds or in order to safeguard political interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. Section 26 (4) applies accordingly. The subsequent immigration of dependants is not permitted in the cases covered by section 25 (4), (4b) and (5), section 25a (2), section 25b (4), section 104a (1) sentence 1 and section 104b."

I need your light on this paragraph. Your supports are always appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
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asked Oct 17, 2022 in Legal advice by Joman | 236 views

Hi Joman,

I´ll link here @mbeon-Éanna  Dear éanna, would be fantastic when you could help us with this question. I did some reasearches yet on the same Question here:


But I think its good if you could check it. I think its better when I close this question and we will continue on the first question. 

Warmly, Saskia

I answered the other question which was also on the same topic.
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