We were applied Asylum 2016 in Bielefeld and gave our fingerprints .but we left camp right after fingerprints!
And 2022 we applied Asylum in Cyprus but we cancelled and left Cyprus by our self.
Can we ask asylum in Frankfurt transit zone?
asked Sep 8, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Danielo | 236 views

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Hello @Danielo, welcome to Wefugees and thanks for your question. I will link our experts here, because your question is a bit more difficult. 
In general I can say that if you have given fingerprints you have not necessarily been in an asylum procedure. That means you can still make an initial application (Erstantrag), an asylum application in Germany. . 
I still have one question, do you have valid identification papers? And where did you arrive? The country in which you first arrived and took you in is responsible for you in the E.U. according to the Dublin Agreement. I am not an expert, but I hope we can help you quickly. Are you otherwise well? Do you need anything? 
We are here for you. 

@meike @mbeon-Gabriele 

With best regards 

answered Sep 8, 2022 by Saskia Wefugees
Thank you very much
Yes we have our passports.
We are in Serbia / Belgrade/
Can we book directly flight ticket transit to Frankfurt Ulaanbaatar. And if we don't have transit visa is it ok? If it's ok we would like to go through flight to Frankfurt and enter the transit zone and ask asylum. Is it possible? If we arrive in Frankfurt is there any problems that they might send us back to Mongolia or Cyprus? We want to know if there is no problem we will go to Frankfurt. If they let us enter Germany as an asylum seeker? Please make it sure.
Thank you. We are now in Novi sad, Serbia. Tired a bit can we share our WhatsApp numbers? +35796938902
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