ich kann Ihre Fragen nicht abschließend antworten. Es muss immer alles im Einzelfall geprüft werden. Die Voraussetzungen für die Erteilung der Aufenthaltserlaubnis zum Familiennachzug sind u.a., dass Sie gemeinsamen Wohnsitz haben und der Lebensunterhalt nach Abzug der Miete und Regelbedarfs für 2 Personen (2 x 401 Euro) gesichert ist.

Sie haben – falls Sie sich entscheiden in Berlin zu bleiben – zwei Alternativen:

1.      Wenn Sie und Ihr Ehemann beschäftigt sind und genug verdienen, um Ihren Lebensunterhalt zu sichern, kann ihm eine Aufenthaltserlaubnis zum Familiennachzug nach §§ 29, 30 AufenthG erteilt werden. Nach aktuellem Sachstand, der sich aus Ihren Unterlagen ergibt, kann die Aufenthaltserlaubnis mangels gesichertem Lebensunterhalts jetzt nicht erteilt werden.

2.      Selbst wenn der Lebensunterhalt nicht gesichert ist, kann ihm zum Schutz der Ehe und Familie eine humanitäre Aufenthaltserlaubnis nach § 25 Abs. 5 AufenthG erteilt werden. Wenn Sie damit einverstanden sind, kann ich Ihrem Ehemann einen Termin zur Vorsprache zuschicken.

I got Massage like this and I don’t understand.. we both are working.. Suggestions?
asked Sep 8, 2022 in Other Questions by tenzin tsering | 204 views

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Hi @tenzin tsering,

The message is informing you under which circumstances your husband can receive a residence permit as a family member in Germany. The difference between the two options given is whether you both earn enough to cover your living expenses.

Option 1 requires you to earn enough money. The person writes that based on the documents provided, you do not have enough income to cover your costs. It is not enough to both be working, you need to as a family earn enough money (netto, i.e. after tax and other deductions) to cover your living expenses (401€ x 2) and your rent. The person did not mention it, but you actually need a bit more than this due to the way they calculate it. Let me know if you need to know more about this.

The other option does not require you to earn enough. It would be given for humanitarian reasons to protect the family unit. In my experience, it is somewhat unusual to be offered this but it seems the authorities in Berlin have a different approach. If you decide for option two, you simply need to let the person know and they will send your husband an appointment to come and discuss it.



answered Sep 8, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
So what can I do now any suggestions?
Thanks for answering my question..
You should check whether you do earn enough to cover your costs. If not, you are left with option 2.
How much  we need to earn for monthly income? She is earning more then thousands and I’m also too..but my work is 3month contract.
Which option is better because I don’t understand.
It is difficult to give an assessment of which option is better based on the information I have, especially as regards to option 2. The message mentions that the humanitarian option number 2 can be issued but this is no guarantee that it will.

Your wife needs to earn at least 902 + your rent costs (including bills 'warm'). She has to earn this net and it needs to be quite likely she will continue to earn this in the future. The Ausländerbehörde makes a prognosis on how likely they think it is that the living costs will be covered not just now but also in the future.

The clearest way of showing this is by having a permanent work contract, however, as long as she has finished the probationary period in her work (Probezeit), then it should also be fine. They will not take your income into account as it is a short-term contract.
Ok thanks alot…
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