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Hello my name is arie, I am here to ask a question about how to get documents (such as birth certificate etc) from Yemen legalized to be used in Germany

My fiance (from Yemen) is living in Germany amd we are planning to get married. In order to register our marriage, we are required to legalize our documents at the embassy of our countries (I'm from Malaysia) before submit it to the Strandasamt.

However, since the German embassy in Sannaa has been closed, may we know how people from Yemen get their documents legal to be used in Germany?

Thank you so much, any advice and guidance would be really appreciated :)
asked Sep 5, 2022 in Legal advice by anonymous_ | 1 view
Hello @Arie, welcome back to our platform and thanks for reaching out to us. I will link our dear expert @mbeon-Éanna here. Maybe he can have a **** at your question and help you with an answer. All the best, Julia
Thank you so much Julia_Wefugees for your help. I do really appreciate it.

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Hi @Arie,

According to the website of the German Embassy in Sanaa, legalisation is not possible there or at other embassies. I advise you to inform the Standesamt of this situation.

If the Standesamt insist on having documents legalised, your partner can offer to make a statutory declaration (in German 'Versicherung an Eides') about the information the Standesamt needs, for example about their marital status. This is covered in paragraph 9 of the Personal Status Act. It says that if it is not possible for a person to provide the documentation necessary, they can provide alternative documentation proving their status. If this is also not possible, then a statutory declaration can be accepted in place of the documentation.



answered Sep 5, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
I see we were both working on an answer at the same time :-)
Thanks for your hint with the statutory declaration - it is worth a try!

Thank you so much mbeon-Éanna for your help. I do really appreciate it.
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Dear @Arie,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

I tried to make some research and found the same information at the official website of the German Embassy in Yemen: The embassy is closed and some members of staff work from Amman - but legalizing documents from Yemen is not possible for the time being. They explain that the recognition of the respective documents will be at the discretion of the German authorities at the moment.

Unfortunately, I can not share any experience in this regard. I would recommend you to consult the responsible local registry office (Standesamt) directly. At the end it will be on them to accept the documents.

All the best,


answered Sep 5, 2022 by Meike
Thank you so much Meike for your help. I do really appreciate it.
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