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When corona first wave I had Dublin and it was pending deportation. However suddenly bamf informed suspension of deportation. Then deportation restarted after few months and BAMf wanted to recalculate our 6 month because our 6 month has expired. Because of unfair decision by BAMf many people appealed against this. Appeal won and BAMf re-appealed it. Since last 2 years appeal pending with European court of justice. This is not only for me more than 20000 dubliners there. May be about this situation some of them are awared.. any idea why it is too late for decisions and opening our asylum case in Germany. I had more than 10H interview with BAMf. First interview was 1h and 2nd was 10H. But almost 3 year now answer. Any idea why is that or should I do anything? How ever I am already on my starting of 2nd year of Ausbildung too. But I am really looking for answers of my asylum interview.
asked Jul 31, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Coop | 517 views
Dear @mbeon-Ruth, @mbeon-Christine, @mbeon-SandraB and @mbeon-Éanna, could you have a **** at this question and maybe help with an advice? Thank you and best wishes, Saskia.

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Hi @Coop,

From my understanding, it depends if you have an ongoing appeal (in German ‘Klageverfahren’) with BAMF about the suspension of the 6-month time limit due to Corona. If so, did you submit this yourself or with the aid of a lawyer? In such a case, it seems that it is dependent on the decision of the European Court of Justice, which has still not been given.

If you do not have an ongoing appeal pending, then you are no longer affected by this and as the 6 months have passed, Germany is responsible for processing your asylum case.

Here’s more information via an online translator:


Ultimately, the authority who can provide you with answers is BAMF. Have you tried contacting them and asking about the current status of your asylum application?

answered Aug 5, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
No we didn’t contact BAMf. Without EU court answer can they provide my asylum answer
BAMF will not give you a decision on your case if you contact them. They should, however, be able to tell you the current status of your case and whether it is in process or paused awaiting the decision of the European Court of Justice. You can call them and ask. Did you lodge an appeal to the Dublin suspension by yourself?
Yes I have appealed. Lawyer said I won the appeal and BAMf reappeal against it. There for nearly 2 years pending decision from European court. As per Pro asyl it is not only me more than 20000 asylum seekers there.
At present there is not further information on the situation I can find other than that from Pro Asyl which I have posed. Can you ask your lawyer to provide you with an update on your case? They should be more informed about the specifics of your situation.
Lawyer also waiting for EU court response. 2 year mean long time. I have started Ausbildung and 1 year done too
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