Hello, I am an asylum seeker in Germany, have Dublin France, but in order to be transferred to France I must do PCR test, if I refuse to do the test, what are the consequences?
asked Aug 8, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by polin173

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Worst case scenario they put you in quarantine zone for two weeks or more and then send you.
answered Aug 8, 2021 by luckyjoker
Do you read the question carefully? France requires a PCR test to enter France for all people! The asylum seeker can refuse to do this test, without the test the German authorities cannot transfer the person to France and Dublin time will end...
Well i had a similar situation. When i received a letter to do a PCR-test, it said that if i don't come to it, they gonna force it with police.
The German authorities cannot force you to do a PCR test, it is your right not to do this test!
Did you do PCR test?
Yes, but I appealed the transfer because the six months were already passed and court suspended my transfer until closure of my case.
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