Good day,

I'm holding a Temporary resident permit through Integrations means of1 year and I just put it on Renewal.  

I wanted to bring my Mother for 1 month visiting in Germany.

I'm qualified to bring my mother from Afrika?
I'm a family of 5, we have 2 rooms and a Parlour and I'm the one taking care of the Rent cost. I work also and we do not received any social Benefit from the Government.

Please reply me as soon as possible
asked Jul 2, 2022 in Legal advice by Gago | 1,001 views

Dear @Gago, welcome back to our platform and thank you for constantly sharing your questions with the Wefugees Community. I'm going to link our experts @mbeon-Ruth and @mbeon-Gabriele here. Dear colleagues, can you help Gago with an answer on this question? All the best, Julia.

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I still didn't get any answer,
answered Jul 6, 2022 by Gago
Dear @Gago, I am sorry, that you were not able to get the information you are looking for yet. Our experts support us voluntarily and do their best to answer questions next to their main jobs in counseling offices. I ask you for a little patience, we will do our best to help you with your question. Best wishes, Julia
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Dear @Gago,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your patience.

For a visitors visa, your mother will need to prove that she has a sufficient income. Otherwise, the person in Germany needs to "invite" and vouch for the visitor. Handbook Germany published an article on the so-called "Declaration of Commitment". It describes the conditions and requirements really well. Please follow the link for more details.

In any case, don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Jul 11, 2022 by Meike
@Meike Good day, Please is it possible as asylum seeker to go to the country embassy to seek for new passport ? Due to my working place told me they can get me contract of working permit. My asylum case still in the court Have appeal in court and this is second appeal First appeal court letter ✉ late before getting to my address and making new appeal. But in my working place asked me to get my country passport for them to get me contract permit. Please anyone with idea. Is this possible? As I'm asylum seeker which I'm in there system Is it going to work out without having problems with immigration?
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