Hello Guys,

I need advice! I'm entitle to apply for either Citizenship or Permanent residence. My Aufenthaltstitel will expire December.
My question is...am I allow to apply for both at the same time? Citizenship application take 8- 12 months  plus and Permanent residence take 3 - 6 months depends (München)...  both requirements are the same and ready.

Have a nice weekend
asked May 13, 2022 in Information & Offers by Emmytender | 228 views

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Hello @Emmytender, how nice that you turned to WeFugees with your question. It is a big step to choose another citizenship. It raises many questions that want to be well thought out. Perhaps my thoughts can contribute to this. It is quite possible to have two different residence titles. This is the case, for example, with the settlement permit or permanent residence-EU, because they are based on different entitlements. They have many of the same rights, but the EU permanent residence permit is more far-reaching due to the possibility of further migration, the stronger protection against expulsion or in the event of a possible revocation. It is different with naturalisation. It is not a residence title and you no longer need one because you are German - with all rights and obligations. Therefore, these two applications contradict each other. In this sense, you must first clarify for yourself what you personally want and what is important to you. I wish you all the best. Many Greeting Gabriele
answered May 19, 2022 by mbeon-Gabriele
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