I got here (France) a few days ago, via a flight. and now i want to go to Germany and apply for asylum there. would there be any problem? Dublin regulation and things like that? i haven’t applied for asylum here yet, i’d like to apply for it in Germany :|
asked Mar 29 in Other Questions by TheAlienMann

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Dear @TheAlienMann

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

I’m afraid that we can not give you a general information or profound advice here. The so-called Dublin regulation also includes that the country issuing the visa in the first place may also be responsible for assessing the asylum application of a person. But how the Dublin rules are applied in the individual case, depends on several factors and is quite complex. 

Do you have close family in Germany? And where are you coming from now? 

I would highly recommend you to consult a migration/refugee counseling office where you are now. If you want to share your approximate location, I would be happy to make some research on refugee supporting organizations close to you. 

All the best, 


answered Apr 2 by Meike

better stay in france my dear friend. 

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