I got a job from an agent I send it to the ausländerbehörde the ausländerbehörde told me agenturer fur arbeit will approve it first before the will issue me working permit for it going to 3 weeks I haven't hear from them and the agent is asking me if I received any letter for the ausländerbehörde I don't want to lose the job what will I do
asked Jan 28 in Work by Tony111

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Hello Tony111…

Ps: I am not a lawyer or a counselor but only providing some informations based on my experience.

as I know it can be very hard to be patient , especially when it comes to finding a job and the fact that you already secured one. But here is the thing , as I understand , once you have the 6 months Ausweis , abs are generally allowed to work , then the other permit comes from the Agentur fur Arbeit , and what they usually do is to compare if the working conditions are met generally - in terms of compensations, working hours and that you’re not being cheated or given a particular job for a particular reason. This usually takes anywhere between two weeks to one month or even longer in some special cases.

My advice: be patient , talk to your employer , and let them know the situations and see them to understand, the other thing which I can advise is you can visit the Ausländerbehorder and try to find out the progress so far as it was sometime like that in my situation. The Ausländerbehorder can send a reminder to the Agentur fur Arbeit and it and can resolved quickly. but generally be patient , it will all be fine and I’m sure you wouldn’t loose your job. We all felt same way one time or the other.

answered Jan 29 by Sanesam
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