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Hi dear team,
I have got six months Aufenthaltgestatung and I am planning to start working asap. What should I take care of before applying for a job?
Job can only be taken with Ausländerbehörde permission.
Does it have to in same city ? Because I found a job which is not in my current city but in the same state? Would the Ausländerbehörde agree? What documents should I take to Ausländerbehörde? What documents are needed from my employer?

Looking forward.....
asked Jan 10 in Work by Jeddy

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Hi jedddy … I’m not a lawyer or an immigration officer but I can give some advices from personal experiences and hope it’s gives you insights. First of all , congratulations for having the opportunity to be able to work  

Things I would consider you take care of before applying for a job.
- GERMAN as difficult as it sounds , working on the basis of your German would give you a good start because most times it’s difficult to stop working and wanting to learn German again or going back to school , so be sure you’re really ready for that.
- depending on the job , get your CV
- find a job either on your own or through work agencies.
- you can find jobs anywhere within Germany but it might be an issue later trying to get the relocation approval , sometimes it takes a lot of time and might cause you real problems if not careful do I would kindly advice you find one in the city which you live in.
- typically you need a form from the Agentur from Arbeit , this form can be gotten at the Ausländerbehorder (Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältnis) , your employer needs to fill this form and the you will submit it yourself directly to the auslander and wait for their approval , this takes anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month , so you will have to be patient. And this is done so the Agentur für Arbeit can check if the working conditions fit. Along this documents , if you attach your working contract already , it would be a plus.

I hope I have been able to answer some of your questions …
answered Jan 10 by Sanesam
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