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Recently i received this email from Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe
Abteilung 8 / Referat 81

Asylrecht, Rückführung
Durlacher Allee 100
76137 Karlsruhe
Should i consider it a good sign or not?

Ihre E-Mail vom 23.11.2021 an die Ausländerbehörde der Stadt Stuttgart wurde zuständigkeitshalber an uns weitergeleitet.


Vielen Dank für die Vorlage des Nachweises über die Einleitung der Verification. Bitte teilen Sie uns mit, mit welchem Dokument Sie sich bei den pakistanischen Behörden ausgewiesen und den Reisepass beantragt haben. In der Regel handelt es sich hierbei um einen Personalausweis / ID-Karte. Bitte legen Sie diese im Original bei der Ausländerbehörde vor.
asked Jan 6 in Legal advice by Fawad
They want to deport you... Consult an immigration lawyer.
Thanks for answer

I came to germany in feb 2019 and applied for asylum.  In oct 2019 i took admission in an English taught engineering course in Hochschule for 3.5 years in stuttgart. since then im studing and did not take any help from government and now im in my 5th semester Also at the moment i am doing B1.  i got my first duldung in oct and now in December i got my 2nd duldung for 3 months but without work permission.  i am trying to clear my identity as soon as possible as i have applied for police clearance so i can apply for passport. Currently i am in 5th semester and next semester i need to do an internship for that i need work permission also i need 1 mote year to complete my degree. Instead of lawyer one of the dean of my hochschule is helping me with everything for example talking with Auslanderbehorde and so. my question is how i can save my self from deportation? Is it important to go to lawyer because its expensive and i dont have much money or is there any other way?

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