Today Standesamt said I need to pay 400 euro inorder to recognition of my marriage certificate. They said marriage certificate will be sending to my country and do the recognition process and will return. Without that I can't confirm my marriage legal in germany. Does anyone aware helping with money for such a incidents?
asked Jan 3, 2022 in Home & Living by Coop | 693 views

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I am sri Lankan citizen. Married in Sri Lanka. I am in germany with my wife. We have marriage orginal certificate, german and English traslations too. Wedding photos and all other requirements from Standesamt available. But Standesamt said to send to sri lanka and verification process cost 400 euro. Looking fot help.
answered Jan 3, 2022 by Coop
Hey Coop
Take your Marriage certificate copy send it via Email,post or any other way back to Siri Lanka ask someone trustworthy like family members or lawyer to visit a Register office there and ask for a back letter.
 Then after you got your back up letter as proof from Register office.
  The next step for that person is to book appointment at Germany Embassy in Sir Lanka for verification of your certificate. You will have to pay for this service but it's faster and cost less than what Standesamt are asking you. Perhaps it may cost 19% or less from what Standesamt are asking.
  From Embassy you will get a letter to back up your marriage certificate plus a stamp. Embassy officials are representatives of any country abroad. They took oath.
 Then your family or friends can send it to you through post.
This is only my opinion
Thank you I will try the way you said
@Cockington please.. Good Day everyone here.. My name is Kess and am from Ghana but, living here in Germany. Please i need a fast help. Am married to a german and we hVe a new born baby together. I applied for paragraph 28 ab 1. But, Auslanderbeholden refuse my application and ask me to go and come wth a family reunion visa. And i was given a pre-approval letter to submit in my embassy. My question is will i be granted the visa if my wife is not working? Because my appointment in africa is very near now so, i need to know about the condition of work. Because my wife is not working. Or at the embassy for reunion visa i wont be ask for my wife lohnerbregnung? What do you think??
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