Good day everyone,  I have a question which really need an urgent answer as I am really confused right now, I was granted deportation ban and the Auslander ask me to go get my passport which I already sent to them, my greatest surprise is the same Auslander sent me a post letting me know they have sent the passport to the police for verification and is been close to two months now, I haven't been called for finger print or anything,  I don't really know what's is going on because am scared right now due to the deportation going on in the country,  it was court that grant me why the bamf later sent the final decision for Auslander to issue me a resident permit, can the Auslander do other wise, just been curious.  Thanks.
asked Dec 23, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by Honest | 992 views

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I must let you know that if you are been grant a deportation ban by the court,then you don’t have to worry about any deportation since you will be entitled to a resident permit.

Maybe you could also contact your lawyer regarding the issuing of the resident permit to you.

Goodluck to you.
answered Dec 24, 2021 by Chiefpriestgambino
Court decision is final. Auslander cannot go against the decision of a court, therefore relaxe as you shall be contacted soon...
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