Liebes Wefugees Team,

First of all, thank you all for giving your precious time that you answer our questions. I am an Afghan asylum seeker living in Germany since 2019.

The Ausweis that I have is Aufenthaltsgestattung and living in Gemeinschaftsunterkunft.

I am currently doing my Ausbildung and am in the 2nd year of my Ausbildung. I am engaged in Afghanistan and fortunately, my fiancee got her Student Visa days ago and will move to Germany soon. Her main purpose was to continue her studies here but after that the terrorist group (Taliban) took the power in my country she wants to apply for asylum here due to the problem she has in Afghanistan. 

Now my question is: Can I move from Munich to another city in Bayern and live with my fiancee together? Of course that we will pay for the rent ourselves and the company that I do my Ausbildung has also agreed that I can do home office and Schulfrei. And can my fiancee live with me during her Asylum procedure? And how long will it take that I can get the so-called "Erlaubnis zur privaten Wohnsitznahme"

I will be grateful if you can help me to overcome these challenges.

With best Regards

asked Dec 17, 2021 in Legal advice by liebenleben

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