Hi there,

I have been granted refugee status in the UK. I got married in the Netherlands and moved there and started to live in the Netherlands.

I will not go back to the UK and live in the Netherlands. I have a travel document issued by the UK which will expire in 2 years. This travel document gives me the right to go abroad as long as I have a visa for the visiting country.

Currently, I have a residence permit which gives me the right to travel in the EU and the travel document issued by the UK permits me to travel to other countries. If I do not go back to the UK, I will not be able to apply to extend my residence permit in the UK and my travel document will expire. In this case, does the Netherlands issue a travel document who has not a refugee status, cannot apply for a passport from his own country and has a residence permit in the Netherlands?

Thanks in advance

asked Dec 6, 2021 in Information & Offers by Abdul12345 | 367 views

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Hi, Why do you complicate your life like this? At times lets learn to appreciate what we have. You were granted asylum in UK which many can't even get. Build your life there and focus on it.
answered Dec 14, 2021 by kathy
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