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I have a question.I do have two children who have residence permit 32ABS 1.3 and their mother is also holding 28ABS 1.3 because she has a child with a German   Which the child has also German passport.They all had their residence last year 2020.They all have three years residence permit at the moment including their mother except the german child who have German passport.My two children were born in my home country and I have my name in their birth certificates from my home country.I also have 5 years Germany shegen visit c visa because of my frequent travel to Germany in the past for business ,I want to know if I can get a residence permit through my two children in Germany.My current of shegen visa will expire 2026 but I’m only entitled to stay in Germany here for 3 months in every 180 days.I want to stay here and assist my childrens mother in taking care of the children and I want to know if I can get my residence as I am inside Germany now or I go home for correct visa ?which I am not sure of ..I haven’t over stayed my visas.I have always been in and out of Germany for the past 6 years and I don’t over stay my shegen visa so I have good records.It’s now that I want to stay here and want to know the consequences and what ahead of I want to change my visa.
asked Nov 22, 2021 in Legal advice by Newinegermany
retagged Nov 22, 2021 by Newinegermany

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