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I am as refugee in Germany ,i have duldung ,for 2 years live with my boyfriend now i want to do Ausbildung ,my question is if i get married with ausbildung duldung can i get Aufenthalt from marrige or no? Thank you
asked Nov 1, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by Sara1990

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Dear @Sara1990

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

You can marry in Germany if you are holding a Duldung. As we talked about this topic already a few times on this platform, you may want to check i.e. this thread for more information and the link to our blog on the marriage procedure. However, to give you a more tailored answer on your perspectives once you managend to get married, we need to know a bit more about your potential husband. Is he German? Or does he hold a residence permit (which type)? Is your husband working as well and are you getting financial support by the government or can you cover your life expenses yourself? Looking forward to your reply! 

All the best, 


answered Nov 2, 2021 by Meike
Now i want to married but lower told me maybe you will be deport ,when i give them my passport,my boyfriend he is working here he will be in next two years unbefrist und he make good money ,for suppurt me his aufenthalt doesnt have  problem ,the lower check that .
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