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Hello everyone thank you so much to the people at Werefugees , it’s so educative and informative here …. I have some questions :

I came here as a refugee and im currently still in the process , as my case was rejected by the Bamf but im still in court. Whilst through the pages I found Section 16d which somewhere says an asylum seeker can get a temporary residence permit if he is getting training to get his certificate recognised and has a concrete Job offer. This is my suitation , im currently working and I need to recognise my certificate , im currently doing a Weiterbildung , but still have my job … I have German B1 level , pay all my bills , secured job contract , is it possible that I can get a residence permit according to section 16 after my training or because of the training and my certificate is fully recognised. 


asked Oct 20, 2021 in Work by Sanesam

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