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Hello friend . Thamk for answering all questions  . Great job  sir = madam

I have a question.  

I want to move from köthen to dortmund.  
But  I'm currently working in köthen
My family just move from köthen to essen . And they have resident permit but on renew
I don't have resident permit

I have appointment ok the 15th of this month.  The agent for work will give my girlfriend a letter or a paper that written.  They will give a Job . But my lawyer told me to get a working contract and rent a house and I will bring the work contract and the house contract so be can be able to talk or write the immigration office in köthen to transfer my files to dortmund. But still complicated .

How do I rent a house with just a working contract and I don't have resident permit card.  Just only 3 months.  He told me I will tell the house owner or agent that I want to give it to lawyer after sign a house contract.  And meanwhile  . How do I inform the immigration office about my leaving or moving to another city.  Will that not be complicated.  I don't want any problems.  Or them rejecting me . And how do I stop my current work .  What do I do . I really want to move to a better city.  Köthen is really bad.  And I have family   
Please tell me step so .I know how to go about my job and move to another city close to my family.  I really need good life without my son close to me . I don't feel alive .  Thank in advance  .
asked 5 days ago in Asylum proceedings by Derek

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