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Thanks for providing good answers to so many questions. I claimed asylum at the start of 2020. I had lived in another European country for a few months before travelling to Germany and claiming asylum. I had my main interview sometime in August and there was a problem with the translator, as she appeared not to fully understand me. I stated this and the interview was suspended. I waited until May 2021 when I was given another interview. This was done and it went successfully.

I have not heard back from them since then. Is this normal that five months after the interview, I am yet to get feedback?

I currently have a work visa and have some health situations, meaning I need to be with my partner who lives in another European country. What are my options?

What is the process of withdrawing the application at this stage so, so I can travel? I will need to apply for a visa, could that be a problem if I withdraw my application, given that I have a valid visa in Germany? Can I simply request for my passport?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

asked 6 days ago in Asylum proceedings by roinewman
Hi. l recall l waited for a year or more to get an answer. And when you request your passport they will deport you to the first point of entrance where you came from in Europe. They don't just handle your passport that easy. All the best.

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