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My case is rejected as inadmissible. I have appealed and waiting for the decision to be made. In the meantime, I got an opportunity for Ausbildung in a state other than where I live. Currently, I am living in a refugee camp. Is there a possibility I can start the Ausbildung? I have stayed in Germany since 2019, and I had a Dublin case. I got a Kirche Asyl and finished my Dublin case, but inadmissibly rejected.
asked Sep 22 in Asylum proceedings by MikaelN

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hello sorry for interupting but my question is related to your message , How do i get church asylum and how does it work?
answered Oct 18 by juma
Go to any Diakonie office near by, they will help you with that.
A woman called Maryon Bayer, a Diakonie office in Hanau helped me.
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