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Hello, I have aufenthaltsgestattung residency ( till MAY 2022), and I am doing weiterbuilding for 1 year in Web Development ( till NOV 2021), I wonder I can get deportation( or rejection) while I am doing weiterbuildung, and can I get work permit after finishing my education (6 months or more)? Thanks beforehand
asked Sep 12 in Asylum proceedings by Gulnar Abbasli

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Hi! If you're planning to take an Ausbildung, then apply for a slot at any company you like then you need to inform the Ausländerbehörde that you'll be taking an Ausbildung. Chances are they will provide you with an Ausbildungduldung. That should make you stay here.
answered Sep 13 by someoneingermany
Hello, thanks for your answer, but I want to ask actually another thing, I already started weiterbuildung in web development till next year( NOV 2022), just wonder, can I get work permit after finished my education?
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