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I am a refugee who lives in a village alone very far from my friends I have no family here of relatives . I have a resident for three years as a refugee and a blue traveling  document.I worked as a nurse in my home country  and was doing the annerkenung. But the employee told me I’ll get a job permission for heilberuf in Sachsen Anhalt only. i already have a working permit but not as a nurse . I didn’t go further or sent papers. I do not want to be forced to stay any longer here. I’ve been depressed and can’t find an English speaking therapist in my village or near it . Can anyone please help me ?
asked Sep 6 in Legal advice by AtyahSs

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What city are you in Sachsen Anhalt . You can try halle saale or köthen or dessau.  I geust you can find opportunity there.  Or maybe change region  .you have to make a process of travel to a bigger city . With a valid reason.  I wish you luck
answered Sep 6 by Derek
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