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I would like to ask some questions about Einbürgerung/Germany Citizenship. My Wife is German and I'm a Nigerian Citizenship by Birth. We've been Married for almost 3 years and we've been living together since then and I'm in possession of residence permit/Aufenthaltserlaubnis
§28. 1 s. 1 Nr. 1 since 2 years and 10 months. I'm thinking of applying for German Citizenship as I think that I've already met all the requirements for applying under staatsangehörigkeit gesetz §9, but my main concern is my Wife was previously married to a Nigerian who also got the German Citizenship for about 7 years ago they got divorced in 2016. Does any law prohibits or forbids German future Spouses from applying since their Ex already got it? my Wife's ex applied and got it back then at the same Einbürgerungsbehörde that I would be applying. Would that in anyway affect my Application? Please I would like an urgent response thank you so much
asked Jun 21 in Legal advice by Nelly Overcomer
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Dear @Nelly Overcomer,

no, I don't think you have to bother about this. There is no rule saying that only one Spouse will get german citizenship. If you meet all the requirements, you can  apply for it.



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answered Jun 21 by mbeon-Ruth
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OK Ruth thank you so much. I truly appreciate. I will go ahead and apply
One more question please. I and my Wife work in the same Company we both receive Lohn not gehalts. Normally I should be having around €2,300 Euros gesamt Brutto(plus Zuschläge) and my Wife around €2,700 euros Gesamt brutto (plus Zuschläge) that's a total of around €5000 gesamt brutto, but because of the Pandemic our company have registered all the workers since last year April on kurzarbeit. Let's say we work 4 days a week now instead of the normal 5 days but sometimes 5 days also and now I'm having around €2000 gesamt Brutto and my Wife around €2,300 gesamt brutto that's a total of around €4300 gesamt brutto for both of us. Is that enough for income prove?
Dear @Nelly Overcomer,
without knowing the details of your life (children, cost for appartment): I assume it should be enough. In simple words: If you subtract the cost for the appartment from your total net income, you must have enough to provide for your living (food, energy, clothes, etc). The substistence level for couples is at the moment 401€/Person ("Hartz IV-Satz").
Hi Ruth I've already applied today. I've submitted all the Documents Today. The Man said the Documents I  have is enough for my case.but when I submitted the Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis of my Wife the Beamter asked me why she applied for it in the past and I said I don't know. Because honestly I don't know what to answer him. She applied for the Staatsangehörigkeitausweis back then in 2014 when her Ex Man got the German Citizenship. Do u think this can affect my case? And also secondly since mbeon isn't working smoothly for Android users again is there anyway where I can contact u? I think ur advices will be helpful in my case. Thanks
Hi @Nelly Overcomer, I cannot tell you what this "Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis" is about. Never heard of it...
About contacting me. Yes, is possible by email. Please google me to find the adress: "DRK, Euskirchen, Schaefer"
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