Recently i was told by Auslanderbehorde that the Berufung that my lawyer has submitted in the Oberverwaltungsgericht will most likely will be rejected and when it is, then Auslanderbehorde will have to take me back to my country, however, the only way i have is that i find an Ausbildung before the decision is made by the judge, which could be next month.

but the problem is that my German is not good enough that i could get an Ausbildung.

So i would like to know what can i do once the decision is made and if it is negative, or are there any other ways to stay?
asked Jun 18, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by user1993 | 331 views

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Dear @user1993,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

I am afraid that it will be hardly possible to give you any tailored advice here without knowing your case and your background. You are right, to make an „Ausbildung“ (vocational training) requires usually a solid command of the German language. However, you should discuss with your lawyer if there are any other possibilities for you. I assume that the lawyer filed the “Berufung” as he/she knows your case best and sees a chance of winning in court. The civil servants at the immigration office may not always be right in their assumptions. For people who absolutely don’t have another chance to apply for a residence permit and who can still present a very strong reason why they have to stay/can not go back, there might be a last option of presenting the case to the hardship commission in your federal state. Please follow the link for more information on this.

However, I would strongly recommend to discuss your situation in detail with your lawyer or you may contact a migration counseling office. Please let us know if you need support in finding one in your area.

All the best,


answered Jun 20, 2021 by Meike
Thanks a lot Meike. The information u provided about Commission for Hardships was very helpful.

It would also be quite helpful for me if u can provided the details of the migration counseling office.

Also with regards to the hardships commission i have a question:

Suppose if the decision from the Oberverwaltungsgericht is negative, i assume that i will be given a deadline to leave the country before forced deportation. But in the given time, if i file an application in the hardship commission, will this extend the deportation deadline till the hardship commission proceedings are complete ?
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