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Hi Wefugees! 

I have a question about the flat we currently live in. My husband and I have been living in this flat provided by the Sozialamt when our asylum procedure started in 2017. We think this flat is meant for asylum seekers, and since our asylum process was already concluded last March, and we'll receive Duldungen this week, now we're thinking if we are still allowed to stay here. 

Can we stay in this flat even if our asylum process is done, considering that we don't have a "proper" residence permit yet  (tolerated status only)? Or are we expected to find a new place? 

asked May 31 in Home & Living by someoneingermany

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Dear @someoneingermany

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

I am afraid, that we will unfortunately not be able to give you an answer on your question though. 

Every municipality has an own structure and procedures regarding accomodation for asylum seekers etc. Please contact the Sozialamt directly in order to get reliable information. I hope everything is going to work out and that you can stay in your current flat. However, also don't be afraid of the worst case scenario of being homeless. The authorities are in the responsibility to provide some accomodation at the end. 

Fingers crossed and all the best, 


answered Jun 4 by Meike
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