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asked May 4 in Education by Nicki

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Dear @Nicki

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question. 

I am not too familiar with the requirements for the nursing “Ausbildung”, but tried to make some research. As far as I understood, they sometimes ask for a prior internship in this field before you apply for the Ausbildung (apprenticeship). However, this seems to vary as well. 

Do you have a certain school/program etc. already in mind? In case and if you want to share it with us, I would be happy to support you in understanding the conditions. 

All the best, 


answered May 9 by Meike
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As far i know, its always prefer or you can  better to take a one month training to see how does it seems in reality. What things you have to do ? Is that my thing ? So on

I would prefer you to take a Praktikum in Nursing like Altenpfleger, Krankenpfleger.
answered May 9 by Dreamchaser
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