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Dear werefugees members;  your invaluable advice and tips for all refuges have tremendous advantages. And i would like to pass the credits for all members actively participating in this platform.

Lets come to my questions, i have a German kid from my fiancé. But I entered Germany with Schengen visa from another country. The 90 legal days to stay in Germany already passed due to some reasons. After some time when i process my stay permit as a custody for my kid under article 28 if i'm not mistake, local authority refuse to gave me the permit. There reason way i stayed more than 90 days so i am illegal here in Germany. After having a lawyer, the court decide for me that my reason to stay for more than 90 days is logical and release the decision of my illegality. In between, the local authority giving me 3 months duldung and the first duldung expired, and now I'm renewed it. But since i have B.Sc. degree in engineering ring i want to engage in work force to earn money to support my kid and my self too. But still the local authority denied giving me work permit. After passing them my passport they wrong something on my duldung back page stating they need a confirmation from agentur fur arbiet.

- how to ask agentur fur arbit about such staff because when I called them once they answered me it is not their duty. It is the local authority's task to give a work permit.

- how to start integration course (German language course)?

- will the local authority give me the residence permit in my next appointment since the issue is fixed at court? Or what they probably raise as cause to denied my residence? What are the probable Possible reasons not to give me the residence permit?
asked 4 days ago in Legal advice by Chappy
In what region are you located ?
Calm down not so easy and fast but they will attend to you sooner or later.
How old is your child now ?
You need to get the work first, there is a type of paper you will fill then you hand it to the authority, that is where agentur fur abite comes in the matter.
You can drop your email if you want. Good luck bro
Thank you for the comments. I live in Hessen. My kid will get one year after a month. Regarding the form, they could not ask me to fill any form yet. But the guy who works in local immegration authority told me the form will filled with the employee after i secure employement, which is ideally impossible because noone need to stress him him for my buisness, but they prefer to hire someone else with work allowance. Please contact me by phone +4915218368286 or

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