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Hello . Good evening wefugees . My girlfriend has been sick since 2017 . And she thought she was ok . But in 2021 she start working and she start to sick again and only work for 1 week . Before the company terminated his contract. His doctor refuse to give him a paper work that says she can't work . She has been sick and she can submit it to jobcentre . But the doctor says that he can only give him a letter to show for 1 week off . But she explain to the doctor her job get terminated. And jobcentre refuse to pay her becouse job center told her she stop working . Life has been difficult for her and she has lost 6 / 8 pregnancy since 2018.  Because of the bad health . We live in a small city .köthen and only 1 doctor available . Please tell me what to do . I want to sue the doctor . please help me . Job center wouldn't believe her before she didn't submit any information or evidence that she is sick . please
asked 6 days ago in Healthcare by Derek

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Dear @Derek,

Please see my answer given on your questions here.

All the best,


answered 4 days ago by Meike
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