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Dear Wefugees Team,

my name is Moro Yapha, I am asking on behalf of a friend, who has been in relationship with a German girl for 6 months, withinn when they decided to get marraige. While the guy is in the asylum process. His asylum has been rejected some years ago, and he is holding Aufenthaltgestattung while the appeal is on process.

 Since in this situation, he submitted all neccesary documents for marraige, inluding the passport, birthcertificate which are all handed over to the standesamt and foreign office. And unfortunately the girl turned down to not do the marraige, because the relationship got broken 4 months after submitting all the documents and registered for the marraige, while the documents were sent to The Gambia for authentication.

So my question is: based on his situation like this: What could be the main high risk and probability for him about his status and situation?

He is currently going crazy about it, because he thought that after submitting all his documents like the passport for the marraige, and now its not going to work, means his life or stay in Germany has been geopadise. And what steps or measures could we take at the moment?

Note- Standesamt is still yet to approved and call them for wedding. So means everything is on process and could be call soon of rthe wedding. while the woman said she wont answer to any call or email from Standesamt about the wedding. On that note, what could one do in this sitaution?

Looking forward to hearing from your response as soon as possible!!

Best regards,

Moro Yapha
asked Apr 15 in Legal advice by Moro
Once he gets negative from the appeal court, he can be deported immediately since they already have his passport. There would be no need giving him Duldung.
My advice is, once appeal is negative he should disappear immediately. But he shouldn't  panic for now since his asylum is still in process. To be on a safer side, let her look for another woman to make baby...Thanks

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I don't really know what happened..but he should try to reconcile with her through her closest best friend if possible. He should humble himself.  He is in Fragile time ! he can sacrifice more to win her ❤ back. Best wishes
answered Apr 18 by Emmytender
Hallo Emmytender,
thank you so much for your honest and open opinion about the case, which excatly is my opinion and stance to him.

Best regards,
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Thank you so much Donmorris, for your quick and honest answer!

All the best Moro
answered Apr 19 by Moro
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Honestly speaking you cant force someone to marry you.If she doesnt want to wed why force the lady? He need to restart his life again. Marriage in Europe isn't easy let him take time to reflect on better things in life. Whats the point of holding something thats is gone he need to call Standesamt and cancel everything. Let him man up. On my side it took me 1 year to marry the journey isn't easy. l am yet to submit documents for my permit. When someone loves you they will never leave you at your lowest moments.

Kind regards,K
answered Apr 20 by kathy
Hallo Kathy, thanks for your comment. Well appreciated!
Best regards, Moro
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