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Hello,  I am illegal in Germany since my asylum got rejected. My Mexican girlfriend want me to come over and marry her in Mexico.
Is it possible to get a visa from from Germany to Mexico since I am illegal?
What must be done for me to travel to Mexico?
What documents does my girlfriend need to send to me to process visa?
I am a Nigerian citizen ..
Please I need advice...
asked Apr 11 in Legal advice by Donmorris

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1 Answer

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Love knows no Bounds..but then forget about travelling to Mexico because you have no Travel Documents. If she has a job qualification she can apply and move to Germany for job...

Bro! Germany is Big...! Europe is Bigger..!
Wetin you dey fine for Sokoto e dey for shokuto. Life ls Choice!
answered Apr 18 by Emmytender
You are right my brother. Man don suffer for this town
Abeg Chairman person need your contact Info.
its true my brother. When you are illegal you cant go anywhere but if he want he can go back to his country and apply to join the lady in Mexico.
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