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Dear sir/madam,

Please am from Ghana and my girlfriend too come from Ghana. My girlfriend came from Italy to stay in Germany and work. She had (Aufenthaltserlaubnis 38A) residence permit and she has stay in Germany more than four years. 

I’m staying with my girlfriend illegally, my girlfriend is seriously want me to stay with her, because she is working and I can take care of the child.

Me and my girlfriend has giving birth to baby boy and i have the following documents.

  • Vaterschaft from Standesamt 
  • Sorgeerklärung from Notar
  • DNA Test

I seek asylum in 2019 and i run away from asylum campus because i was afraid of deportation to Ghana, now my Aufenthaltsgestattung is expired more than two years now. Am afraid to return to asylum camp again.

Please can I still deported to Ghana?

Can I get residence permit or working permit from girlfriend Aufenthaltserlaubnis 38A document?

Can we stay together?

Please i need legal advice 

Thank you.

asked Apr 2 in Legal advice by Kujee

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1 Answer

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Hey bro congratulations for giving birth to a baby boy. In your case I think it will be better to seek for immigration lawyer
answered Apr 3 by Yusif 21
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