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Good evening..
And thank for this awesome page..
I have couple questions please...
*,I did find a job with a zeit firma...  And I did worked for 1 day but I didn't liked at all so I will counsel the contract...  Now I didn't had a permit yet...  I am on the social...  Will they gone cut any money from me if I do so....  Or is it okay because the contract it was less than a 14 days signed
My other question I did got a negative replay from the BAMF 3 months ago after spending 15 months in Germany....  Because I had already asked for asylum in Greece  :( ... I am from Syria and I am appealing since 3 months the diction and my Greek permit will end next month...
If you know Any informations will help me or give us some relieve I will be glad for..
asked May 25, 2018 in Legal advice by Meltomm
. We are still appealing... ( we did got only 1 rejection since we arrived to Germany in 12/2016
My question is our Greece permit was valid for 3 years...
Until 18/06/2018
And now it's over
I did read online ...that when this happened it really could help your case. .is this true?
Do we need to do any thing at this point? Connecting the BAMF or some thing?
And any other advice will be helpful :)

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