I filled my asylum application in mid 2017 but later it was rejected as inadmissible due to dublin transfer to Italy. I made an appeal against the Dublin decision in the admistrative Court of sigmaringen.In early 2018 I received a letter from the same admistrative Court of sigmaringen that they cannot decide about my appeal, that the high european court for migrant in Belgium have to decide on my case. Later around end of 2019 the same admistrative Court in sigmaringen send me a letter that I have to wrote another reason why I cannot go back to Italy within two weeks which I done within those two weeks. But unfortunately on the 25 August 2020 I received another letter from the same admistrative Court in sigmaringen that I have to go back to Italy.After two weeks of my rejection from the admistrative Court of sigmaringen I was given duldung by the ausländerbehörde and was too given a paper that I have to state if my serious sick that I cannot leave Germany with another options including if I will leave voluntary, involuntary or I will not make any statement.
Even BAMF send me a letter on the 25 August 2020 that the restrictions of deportation to Italy have been lifted because the situation of covid 19 is better now. That was a brief explanation about my asylum case since 2017 till date.
*accordance with Section 29 (2) AsylG in conjunction with Section 25 (1) sentence and (2) AsylG. The asylum was rejected as inadmissible due to dublin transfer to Italy.

I recently got a letter from BAMF saying that that dublin transfer to Italy has expired.

I'm confused because I don't know if my asylum is fully rejected or not.
asked Mar 25, 2021 in Legal advice by Hakeem | 340 views

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Dear @Hakeem,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

I remember that we discussed the 6 months waiting period of the Dublin regulation already in one of your earlier opened threads, right? Here the link.

Now you received a letter from the BAMF declaring that this period expired? As far as I understand, this could mean that the responsibility for your asylum procedure is with the German government now. Maybe you can explain in a bit more detail which information they gave you in the letter.

I will also link our dear @mbeon-fardeen and @mbeon-Ruth here, maybe they can give some advice.

All the best,


answered Mar 26, 2021 by Meike
hiermit teile ich Ihnen mit, dass das o.g. Dublin-Verfahren abgebrochen wurde, da die Überstellungsfrist abgelaufen ist.

(×)  Es ergeht nurimehr eine Entscheidung im nationalen Verfahren

(  )  Es liegt kein Asylantrag in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland vor. Die weitere Bearbeitung erfolgt durch die zuständige Ausländerbehörde gem. AufenthG.

That it's the information contained in the letter I received from BAMF about my dublin..
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